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Chamdo and Lhasa Tour

It is a land apart from the rest of Tibet. Its climate, geography, flora, fauna and isolation all lend it a unique, almost magical atmosphere. Traditional life seems less distarted here than in central Tibet. The stone villages and vertical prayer flags resemble those in Bhutan and the unusually shaped Chortens (Stupas) seem more at home in Mustang. The scenery often resembles more the Swiss Alps or Rocky Mountains than the high Tibetan plateau. Geographically the region offers great variety from subtropical low lying jungle to the glaciated peaks of Namche Barwa and the high grasslands of north eastern Tibet.
At its eastern end the headwaters of some of Asia's greatest rivers-the Mekong, Salween and Yangzi-tumble off the Tibetan plateau, carving a dramatic concertina landscape of deep gorges, microclimates and remote valleys. The main attraction of the Kham area lies in the spectacular scenery, a few remarkable monasteries and the alternative route in or out of Tibet. There are two main routes through the region. The northern and southern roads, plunges into subtropical south-eastern Tibet and then rises up over the gorges of Kham, making this one of the most unpredicable roads in Tibet. The northern road is a higher roller coaster ride from the deep valleys near the Sichuan border to alpine pasturelands, all the time rising to the northeastern plateau of Amdo.A more comprehensive 15 days trip to Chamdo and back could take in Draksom tso, the Serkhym la, Lamaling Temple, Bayi, Pomi, Rawok, Pomda, chamdo, Riwoche, Tengchen, Sok Tsanden, Nagchu, Nam tso and Lhasa.


Day 01: Lhasa to Bagsum –Tso O/N Hotel (3540 m)
Day 02: Bagsum – Tso to Bayi O/N Hotel (2990 m)
Day 03: Bayi to Pomi O/N GH (3000 m)
Day 04: Pomi to pasho O/N
Day 05: Pesho to Chamdo (3600m)
Day 06: Chamdo to Tengchen (4200m)
Day 07: Tingchen to Sok DZONG
Day 08: Sok DZong to Nagchu (4500m)
Day 09: Nagchu to Namtso Lake (4718m)
Day 10: Namtso Lake to Phondo and Via Reting Monastery (4100m)
Day 11: Reting Monastery to Lhasa
Day 12/13: Sightseeing around Lhasa
Day 14: Departures to Airport for your own Destination either Nepal or China. Service End

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