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Namcha Barwa and Tsangpo Gorge Trekking

This trek starts in Lhasa through Samye and Tsedang; Close to the disputed Indian border area we follow the Tsangpo River and arrive at the village of Lusha near the big bend in the river. Passing through villages of the Loba people (a Tibetan minority group), we make our way through the forested region of Pei to the Namcha Barwa Base Camp. The relatively low altitude of the base camp area (1600m.) offers amazing views of the vertical snow capped peak of Namcha Barwa. After a circumambulation of the holy mountain of Atsom Neh, we continue to the Gyala monastery. We make our return to Lhasa via Gongbu Jiangda and Ganden.


Day 01: Flight to Lhasa and transfer you to your hotel in Lhasa
Day 02: Lhasa Sightseeing tour
Day 03: Lhasa sightseeing tour
Day 04: Lhasa drive to Ningchi (Is 420 km from Lhasa)
Day 05: Ningchi drive to Lusha then start trek to Punkar
Day 06: Pungkar trek to Pe
Day 07: Pe trek to Tripe
Day 08: Tripe trek to Beach Camp
Day 09: Beach Camp trek to Gyala
Day 10: Gyala trek to Kumang (9 km)
Day 11: Kumang trek to Nyuk Sang (13 km)
Day 12: Nyuk Sang trek to Senge Dzong (12 km)
Day 13: Senge Dzong trek to Pemako chung Monastery
Day 14: Pemako chung Monastery trek back to Sange Dzong
Day 15: Sange Dzong trek to Nyuk Sang
Day 16: Nyuk Sang trek to Kumang
Day 17: Kumang trek to Gyala
Day 18: Gyala trek to Beach Camp
Day 19: Beach Camp trek to Tripe
Day 20: Tripe trek to Pe
Day 21: Pe trek to Pungkar
Day 22: Pungkar trek to Lush
Day 23: Lush drive back to Lhasa
Day 24: Fly out from Lhasa

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