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Pagsum Tso Lake Trekking

Pagsum Tso Lake, is also called "the Tsoga Lake", a famous sacred lake of the Red Sect. It is located in Shoka in Kongpo Gyamda Country, 55km to the east of Kongpo Gyamda and 300 km from Lhasa. There is an ancient temple of the Nyingma set in Zhaxi island in the middle of the lake built in the 17th century. People may go there by a ferryboat. On the 15th of fourth month in Tibetan calendar every year is the festival of turning around the lake Pilgrims from Nyingtri and Kham come here to turn around the lake. The scenery around the lake is magnificent which is well known as "Geneva of the east".


Day 01: Kathmandu - Lhasa. Overnight in hotel.
DAY 02: Sightseeing in Lhasa: Visit Sera, Drepung. Overnight in hotel.
DAY 03: Lhasa: Visit Jokhang, Summer palace. Overnight in hotel.
DAY 04: Drive Lhasa to Tsedang. Overnight in hotel.
DAY 05: Drive Tsedang to Gyatsa. Overnight in guest house.
DAY 06: Tsedang to Lhamo Tso. Overnight in camp.
DAY 07: Lhamo Tso. Overnight in camp.
DAY 08: Lhamo Tso to Tsopentso. Overnight in camp.
DAY 09: Tsopentso to Meling. Overnight in camp.
DAY 10: Meling to Pel. Overnight in camp.
DAY 11: Nemgyapawa. Overnight in camp.
DAY 12-14: Trekking. Overnight in camp.
DAY 15: Pel to Lamaling. Overnight in camp.
DAY 16: Lamaling to Bage. Overnight in hotel.
DAY 17: Bage to Pagsum Tso Lake. Overnight in camp.
DAY 18-20: Drive back from Pagsum Tso Lake (Barsum Lake) to Gyamda. Overnight in camp.
DAY 21-22: Drive back Gyamda to Tsedang. Overnight in hotel.
DAY 23: Tsedang to Gongar Airport and fly back to Kathmandu.

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